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Insurance Agreements

Did your family doctor refer you to us? Then your health insurance covers a part your treatment. We pay the remaining part for you. This means also for non-contracted care we charge no personal contribution! We bill your health insurance* directly and only the own risk might apply, just like in any other hospital. *some health insurance companies do not accept our invoices directly

Multidisciplinary approach

Thanks to our unique multidisciplinary care concept our specialties work together under one roof. This is to provide you with the best care in the field of research, diagnosis and treatment.

Consult in 48 hours, operation within 2 weeks

Acibadem IMC does not have a waiting list, you can make an appointment and visit us within 48 hours for a consultation or treatment. In most cases, a referral from your general practitioner is required. After the preoperative screening ; your operation will mostly take place within two weeks.

Personal attention

Our doors are open to everyone and we want you to feel at home and welcomed. Therefore, during your visit, we take the time to talk about your complaints and concerns based on which we can then decide together on the kind of treatment that best suits your needs.


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Have some Questions?

You can contact us for a first consultation within 48 hours. The operation then usually takes place within two weeks.
Yes, in order to start treatment at ACIBADEM International Medical Center, you will need a referral from your doctor. You do not need a referral for the physiotherapist. A referral from your general practitioner indicates that you will be treated by a medical specialist, as a result of which the treatment from the basic insurance will be reimbursed. At your first appointment, you must bring the referral letter from your doctor. If you are not in possession of a referral letter on the day of the appointment, the appointment can usually not take place.
Your health insurance reimburses a part of your treatment. We reimburse the remaining part for you. So you pay nothing extra. You only pay a possible excess, as with all other hospitals. Please note that you need a referral from your doctor. Questions about this topic? Mail: The reimbursement of physiotherapist depends on your kind of insurance.
The bills for the treatments and medication are sent directly to the insurance company. For all insurance policies, a copy of the deductible is the only invoice that you can receive for treatment and medication. If you are insured with Anderzorg, CZ, Delta Lloyd, ENO, Holland Zorg, PZP, Menzis or Ohra, then you will receive a bill for the deductible from ACIBADEM International Medical Center.