In the Netherlands, screening people for medical problems is only possible to a limited extent. Acibadem International Medical Center provides a screening protocol that complies with all legal requirements and is aimed at the detection of common medical problems. We do this with the quality and speed that you expect from us. We offer a stepped care screening, which a number of parts are included, It is only performed on indication. More information below.

Who carries out the research?

You will receive an intake consultation with an internist, the coordinator of the screening.

How long does it take?

  • Within 2-4 working days you come for half day or whole day (depending on the examinations) for a consultation with the Internist;
  • Anamnesis is made during a screening and a physical examination is performed;
  • Cardiological tests are then carried out;
  • Blood is collected for a standard package of laboratory (blood) tests;
  • If the anamnesis gives cause for this, additional diagnostics can be performed on the same day (such as an ultrasound of the abdomen, a more extensive laboratory package/examination and / or an MRI);
  • The screening is completed one week after the intake and you will hear the results in the evaluation interview. Of course you will also receive the results home in the form of a written report.


You pay for the screening yourself, this is not reimbursed by your health insurance policy. If the screening reports unwanted outcomes, treatment at the Acibadem International Medical Center is usually possible after referral from your doctor. Any treatment after a referral by your general practitioner, will be reimbursed by your health insurer. The standard screening costs € 900 including written reports. You must pay these costs prior to screening. Additional tests must also be paid on the day of the examination. The costs for additional diagnostics have a rate per examination, whereby the maximum total rate including the standard screening never exceeds € 1.399. This will be discussed with you in advance.

How do I book a screening?

Contact us via 020-2388183 / 020-2388187 or e-mail for an appointment at


Arlandaweg 100 1043 HP Amsterdam

020-238 8800


Francijntje de Kadtlaan 44 3136LR Vlaardingen

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