Conformis (Custom Knee)

Conformis (Custom Knee)

Every Conformis knee prosthesis is 100% tailor-made especially for everyone. This is in contrast to traditional implants, which are only available in a few sizes based on the average anatomy of a knee. Conformis uses a unique design process to map the size and shape of your knee joint in 3D.

The data from your CT scan is sent digitally to the factory in America. There, software feeds this data into the system and designs your custom implants based on your own knee. Implants that therefore fit perfectly on your knee.

A unique prosthesis for each recipient and a tailor-made operation

The data from your CT scan is not only used to tailor your prosthesis, but also for the operation itself. For example, instruments to fit the prosthesis are also custom-made. With these patient-specific surgical instruments, exactly as much bone is removed as is necessary for the prosthesis to fit precisely. Not only does the prosthesis fit better, the operation is also faster, easier and more accurate. It is therefore less stressful for you, resulting in a faster recovery.

Optimal bone preservation, better recovery

For a good recovery it is important to keep as much bone from your own knee as possible. That is why the Conformis knee prostheses are also designed for optimal bone preservation. The implants are not only patient specific, but also thinner than standard implants, without losing strength.

The advantage of a thinner implant is that less bone and healthy tissue has to be removed to make it fit properly with your own bone. In addition, the custom-made instruments also ensure that as much bone of your own knee as possible is preserved. Often too much bone is removed from standard instruments to fit the standard prosthesis. Conformis thus ensures that as much bone as possible is preserved in 2 ways, thus promoting better recovery.

Our centers of expertise for Knee prostheses: Conformis (custom, 3D print) knee prosthesis and X-PSI knee prosthesis (3D planned based on 2D X-ray images). More information about prices and reimbursements:

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