Dr. Herman Mannaerts


I studied medicine at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and graduated in 1985. I then worked at the Isala klinieken in Zwolle, and more than 8 years at the VUmc in Amsterdam, where I was promoted to Doctor of Medicine in 2004 with the thesis: “Clinical Applications of 3D Echocardiography”. And more than 10 years in ZH Amstelland, Amstelveen. I had been working for two ZBCs since 2016: the Heart Clinic, and afterwards the Cardiology Foundation Amsterdam, and I have long observed in the ADRZ in Vlissingen and Goes.

A highly experienced all-round cardiologist and clinician with special interest and experience in imaging, heart failure and valve disease. I also have extensive experience in cardiac CT (which I now also do in ADRZ) and MRI, TEEs and stress ultrasounds and cardiac catheterizations. Since 2013 I have assessed many cardiac MRIs and CTs in ZH Amstelland, where I was also head of the heart function and of the heart failure clinic. I am attached to the Amsterdam Heart Failure Consultation. As I said, I was promoted in 2004 on the 3D echocardiography (3D TTE and 3D TEE) in the VUmc.

Working at Acibadem is nice because patients can be referred to other specialism, with short lines and vice versa patients to be referred to. In that respect it works as a small hospital.

Cardiologist since 1995

Specialization / focus areas

Imaging, heart failure, valve arrest, cardiac CT and MRI, TEEs, stress ultrasounds and cardiac catheterizations.

Work experience

2006–2016 Cardiologist in partnership at Amstelland Hospital, Amstelveen. Head of the Heart function and Heart failure clinic

1997-2005 Cardiologist (staff member) at the VUMC in Amsterdam

1996-1997 Cardiologist at the Sophia Hospital (now Isala Klinieken), Zwolle

1995-1996 Cardiologist at the AMC in Amsterdam


1992-1995 AGIO Cardiology at the AZG (now University Medical Center Groningen), prof.dr. K.I. Lie with catherisation internship in Medisch Spectrum Twente in Enschede

1990-1992 AGIO cardiology at the AZR Dijkzigt, prof.dr. J.R.T.C. Roelandt

1988-1990 Echocardiographic research at the AZR Dijkzigt (now Erasmus Medical Center) Rotterdam, by Prof. J.R.T.C. Roelandt1988AGNIO cardiology in the Zuiderziekenhuis in Rotterdam, on behalf of Dr. X.H. Krauss

1986-1988 B-program Internal Medicine in hospital Mario Foundation in Haarlem (now Spaarne Hospital) o.l. dr. J. Verwiel and dr. S.C.C. Reinders Folmer1986AGNIO cardiology at the Groot Zieken Gasthuis in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, on behalf of J.M.J. van der Pol

1978-1985 Medicine, Medical Faculty Rotterdam1972-1978Gymnasium B, Pauluslyceum in Tilburg

Side activities

2004 PhD degree at the VU University Amsterdam on the thesis “Clinical applications of 3D echocardiography”. Supervisor: prof.dr. C.A. Visser, co-supervisor: Dr. O. Camp.

2003-present Chairman of the 3D echocardiography sub-working group of the echocardiography working group, associated with the NVVC.

2003-present Presentation of a large number of lectures at national (NVVC) and international congresses (ESC, Euroecho, American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology), of which 4 times as “invited speaker”. Speaker on a large number of courses and symposia (CVOI Echo Evenings, World Echo Day). Author of 2 editorials in the European Heart Journal, and permanent reviewer thereof


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