Dr. Maaike Van Der Graaff


Since July 2019 I work as a neurologist at Acibadem. Having completed my medical education, I chose to specialize in rehabilitation medicine. In preparation I worked in the neurology department of the St Lucas Hospital (Amsterdam). However, at some point I realized that neurology suited me more than rehabilitation medicine. This led to a change of plan and the decision to specialize in neurology. Upon completion of my specialization I took a fellowship in neuromuscular disease in the AMC (Amsterdam) and subsequently ran a multidisciplinary outpatient clinic for ALS patients for several years, together with the rehabilitation physician. During that time I also worked on my thesis. Caring for ALS patients made a profound impression on me both professionally and personally. After several years I chose to work in a smaller city hospital, where I worked as a general neurologist for ten years. Now I work at Acibadem and I appreciate the work environment, the hospitality for patients and the ease with which care can be organized. For my patients I am a  conscientious neurologist and a good listener.

Specialization / areas of interest

Neuromuscular disease/ALS


Dutch, English, Spanish, French

Work experience

2009 – 2019 Neurologist, BovenIJ ziekenhuis, Amsterdam

2002 – 2008 Neuroloist, AMC/ALS-centrum Amsterdam, in combination with PhD thesis on ALS


2001 – 2002 Fellow neuromuscular diseases, AMC Amsterdam

1996 – 2001 Neurology specialization, St. Lucas Andreas ziekenhuis, Amsterdam

1994 – 1996  Neurology Internship, St. Lucas Andreas ziekenhuis, Amsterdam

1993 – 1994 Specialization in rehabilitation, Jan van Breemen instituut, Amsterdam

1992 – 1993 Neurology Intrernship, St. Lucas ziekenhuis, Amsterdam

1984 – 1992 Medicine, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

1983 – 1984 Human movement sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Upper motor and extra motor involvement in motor neuron disease (2012 UvA, promotor Prof Dr M de Visser)


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