Drs. Ginny Chamorro


Educated at Erasmus MC Rotterdam, I now have almost 10 years of experience as an all-round gynecologist. Applying this experience in a beautiful international clinic such as Acibadem makes me happy. I have always been interested in different cultures, maybe that is because of my Spanish father and half Indonesian half Danish mother.

The woman's quality of life is paramount to me. They can therefore come to me with various problems. Whether it is menstrual complaints, urine loss or prolapse, I would like to tell them how we can solve this. But also a hormonal imbalance such as the menopause, or endometriosis complaints or contraception advice are topics that I regularly discuss in the doctor's office.

If applicable, I give the women lifestyle advice. I also master a wide range of surgical skills, including hysteroscopies (looking in the uterus and possibly removing polyps or fibroids), laparoscopies (looking inside the abdomen and removing cysts, for example) and various pelvic floor operations for prolapse and urinary incontinence.


Specialty/areas of interest

Benign gynecology and Urogynecology


Dutch, Spanish, English and German

Work experience

2018 Gynecologist in Rivierenland hospital Tiel and Vrouwenpoli Boxmeer
2010 – 2018 All-round gynecologist in Beatrix hospital in Gorinchem
2008 – 2010 Differentiation of urogynaecology at Reinier de Graaf Hospital in Delft and Erasmus MC Rotterdam


2017 – 2018 Education clinical Psycho Neuro Immunology (including lifestyle and orthomolecular medicine)
1989 – 2010 Education in medicine and training as a gynecologist at Erasmus MC Rotterdam

Additional activities

Member of the NVOG, KNMG, IUGA, Dutch Menopause Society and working group on the basin bottom and giving lectures and accredited training to professionals.

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