Drs. Karel Jan Tusenius


My career as an internist started in the hematology department of the AMC, and I also worked in several smaller hospitals abroad and in the Netherlands. I have gained broad experience in my profession and nowadays consider myself mainly as a general internist. I try to listen carefully to the patient story and not just rely on the laboratory and other diagnostic results. Lifestyle medicine and making the patient partly responsible for his or her well-being, where possible, are the basic principles of the profession for me. What appeals to me in Acibadem is the combination of a modern, well-equipped hospital and the still human dimension with short lines.

Specialization /areas of interest

Metabolic diseases (diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, thyroid diseases etc.), blood diseases and gastrointestinal disorders. I am also interested in integrative medicine.


Dutch, German, English and French

Work experience

2015-2019 General internist DC Lairesse, Amsterdam

2012-2015 Internist / gastrointestinal endoscopist Bergman clinic, Bilthoven

1993-2012 Internist Internist practice Bilthoven

1988-1993 Internist Berg and Bosch Bilthoven

1987-1988 Scientific assistant department of hematology AMC

1987 Registration intern AMC


1980-1982 AGNIO internal medicine Basel

1978 Doctor’s exam G.U. Amsterdam

1971 Propadeuse in mechanical engineering T.U. Delft

1970 Gymnasium β Rotterdam


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