Drs. Roeland Tans


After studying medicine at the University of Amsterdam, I worked for a year in the Red Cross Hospital in Scheveningen (now part of HAGA) as a physician assistant in internal medicine. After that I moved to Heerlen, to study neurology at De Weverziekenhuis (now part of Zuyderland). There I learned the trade across the board, which came in handy in my next workplace, IJsselmeer hospitals in Lelystad and Emmeloord. I enjoyed working there for almost 27 years. In a relatively small organization, with short mutual lines, a lot of contact with the GPs and a strong regional bond. As a result, a great deal of individual attention was always possible for the patient, and that remains the core of medicine.

In addition to direct patient care, I have been closely involved in the management of the organization, based on the conviction that a hospital can best be (partly) managed by a medical professional. I have also been active in the visitation committee of the Dutch Association for Neurology and in the Employment Service of the Order of Medical Specialists.

Specialty/areas of interest

Vascular neurology, back pain.


Dutch and English

Work experience

1992 – 2019 Neurologist, IJsselmeer hospitals Lelystad

1986 – 1992 Physician assistant in training as a neurologist, De Weverziekenhuis, Heerlen

1989 – 1990 Psychiatry within the framework of Neurology, Welterhof, Heerlen

1985 – 1986 Physician assistant not in training, Red Cross Hospital, Scheveningen


1986-1992 Education neurology Heerlen

1990 – 1991 Internship Clinical Neurophysiology, Heerlen

1991 – 1992 Internship Neurosurgery, Heerlen

1985 University of Amsterdam medical exam