Groin Hernia

Groin Hernia

Within Acibadem Groin hernia center, we strive for high-quality care for patients with inguinal hernias. Our team consists of dedicated staff and a specialized surgeon who operates with the latest techniques.

It is important that patients with a inguinal hernia are helped quickly. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to be operated within 1 week after the outpatient consultation. This means that our waiting time for inguinal hernia surgery is usually not longer than 2 weeks. If you have an inguinal hernia for the first time, you will usually opt for a laparoscopic operation (TEP). Here you will go under anesthesia and the inguinal hernia is repaired with the aid of a mat. Several scientific studies show that this is the best method to repair inguinal hernias. It is associated with fewer pain complaints and a faster recovery after the operation. You can also contact us if you have previously undergone an inguinal hernia and this has come back. Even then, a laparoscopic operation can often be performed. In some cases, a laparoscopic operation cannot take place, eg if you have had stomach surgery before, then an open approach will be chosen (Lichtensteinplastiek).

We think it is important that you do not have a different doctor each time. That is why we guarantee that your consultation and treatment is carried out by the same surgeon and not by different doctors. In addition, the operation is performed by a surgeon and not by a surgeon in training. The latter is often the case in other hospitals.

To visit our Groin hernia center you need a referral from your general practitioner or medical specialist. You can make an appointment directly by calling +31 (0)20 238 8800. You can also request an appointment on our website via the appointment form or by sending an e-mail to, then we will take contact you within 24 hours. Because we do not use waiting times, you can contact us for a consultation on average within 2 days.

1. What is a groin hernia?

An groin hernia is a weak spot in the abdominal wall.

2. Does a groin hernia automatically disappear?

No, a groin hernia does not go away by itself. An operation is needed for this.

3. Which operation is performed?

The operation with the best outcomes is the laparoscopic operation (TEP). This is associated with fewer pain complaints and faster recovery than a conventional operation with a larger cut. This is the first choice for a groin hernia in Acibadem. The type of surgery depends on whether you have undergone previous operations in the abdomen (wall).

4. How long do I have to stay in the hospital?

The operation takes place in day treatment, you go home the same day.

5. How long does recovery take after surgery?

You must take 1 or 2 weeks of recovery into account. Most people can resume their work after this period. Be cautious when lifting heavy objects/intensive sports in the first 6 weeks.

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